Through our engagements with primary care, the ISU develops several material to meet the need for a grounded and applied primary care approach that can support a range of innovation activities in primary care in BC.

The development of these resources are meant to:

  • Mobilize and translate evidence for decision making 
  • Develop new products, tools, and services 
  • Train and Build Capacity 
  • Be part of a Learning Healthcare System


Team Mapping Facilitator Resources

The ISU has developed Team Mapping, an approach that helps groups developing teams (patient medical homes / primary care networks) consider service needs for their populations. Learn more….

Virtual Primary Care Guide for Registered Nurses

Nurses have a broad scope of practice and practice in a client-centred manner, which is particularly helpful during these changing times. This is designed to help you work together with your other team members to better support your patients as you are doing more virtual care. Learn more…

COVID-19 Immunization Preparedness: Primary Care Clinic Toolkit

The ISU created the COVID Immunization Preparedness Primary Care Clinic Toolkit to help primary care clinics support the COVID-19 immunization effort across Canada. The toolkit is designed for primary care providers supporting patients making decisions about getting vaccinated, or planning to give COVID-19 immunizations in their office. Learn more…


The ISU produced podcasts that brings together primary care providers, healthcare planners, patients, innovators and others to talk about the changes that are happening in primary care in British Columbia. Learn more….

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