Team Mapping Facilitation

Hello Team Mapping Facilitator! This page has links to all the materials you need for Team Mapping. If you have been to the facilitator training, you will know how to use each of these. If you have not been to the training, we suggest you contact us and come to one of the sessions. ( )



How To Facilitate a Team Mapping Session

There are four videos in total to help you learn more about how to facilitate a Team Mapping session. They will play one after the next below.


We have organized the resources below into sections based on which of the three stages of Team Mapping you are at in the process.

Learning About Team Mapping (general materials)

  • Team Mapping Facilitator Training Workbook:This PDF workbook walks facilitators through the three stages of the Team Mapping method in detail. It maps to the Team Mapping Facilitator Training workshop activities.
  • Team Mapping Circle of Care TemplateThis PDF document is the large map that we use in the sessions on the tables. You will have one as a part of your workshop participation. This is provided in case you want / need to print more.  This document is set to be printed in 36″x48″. (This can easily be done at Staples- engineering prints are $7.99. We also recommend getting large maps laminated so they can be re-used.)
  • PowerPoint Template for Virtual Team Mapping v0-05: You can use this file for virtual team mapping sessions – it has an adapted circle of care map in the slide master and virtual post it notes. UPDATED 07-MAY-2020 — now with MORE ROOM
  • Miro Template for Virtual Team Mapping: The Circle of Care template is also available on Miro (an online collaborative whiteboarding platform) for teams who are working remotely.

Preparation Stage Materials:

Team Mapping Session Materials:

  • Team Mapping Session ChecklistThis handy checklist (PDF) provides a list of supplies needed to facilitate a Team Mapping session.
  • Team Mapping Session Intro PresentationThis PowerPoint presentation acts as a tool for facilitators to describe the Team Mapping method to participants at the beginning of a Team Mapping session. There are areas of the PowerPoint with placeholder text so you can customize to your community or clinic (these are surrounded by angled brackets <like this>).
  • Team Mapping Facilitator GuideThis PDF document gives facilitators a quick set of notes on how to facilitate the team-based care modeling exercise.
  • Team Mapping Summary SheetThis PDF form summarizes key ideas gathered during a Team Mapping session.
  • Team Mapping Evaluation FormThis form provides a way for participants to evaluate a Team Mapping session at the end of the session.

Feedback Stage Materials:

  • Team Mapping Report Recommendations OutlineThis Word document provides an outline for facilitators to offer recommendations from the Team Mapping session. Please use this to help guide your feedback to the participants. The sections in the outline are there to help, you do not have to fill in every section (just delete the ones that are not relevant).

We will update these materials with newer versions, so do check back.

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