Primary and Community Care (PACC) Mapping

PACC Mapping is an engagement and planning approach that helps communities collectively explore how they could address local primary care needs such as attachment and other specific service gaps. It does this through a short patient-centred, facilitated workshop where those who are actively involved in planning changes to primary care can prototype options and see how ideas can best serve the population(s) in need.  For a quick summary, check out this PACC Mapping Summary.

The Development of PACC Mapping

Primary care planning groups in communities (e.g. Primary Care Networks, Collaborative Services Committees, Divisions of Family Practice) asked for Team Mapping be applied to various community level planning projects. Team Mapping was designed to help with Teams, not community planning. So we adapted the Team Mapping method, and developed Primary and Community Care (PACC) mapping to help meet this important need.

An analogous method to Team Mapping, PACC mapping is recognizable and fits similar engagement requirements with communities but at the systems level. We piloted an in-person PACC Mapping session in January 2020 with Nanaimo to help explore the gap in mental health and substance use (MHSU) services in the community. The discussions and prototype ideas from the session were used in subsequent service planning by the community.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we adapted our PACC Mapping method for virtual delivery. We conducted 5 virtual pilot sessions, and found PACC Mapping is well-suited to collaborative community planning and stakeholder engagement. Sessions focussed on planning and prototyping community-led solutions for primary care service gaps such as: Access to Care, Medically Complex Adults, Child & Youth Mental Health and Substance Abuse, and Adult Mental Health and Substance Use. We have also adapted PACC Mapping to support COVID-19 Immunization Planning and Uptake (see immPACC Workshop).

Future pilots are being sought with other communities where community-level engagement and planning support for primary care may be helpful. If you, or your community, are interested in being a pilot site, please contact to learn more.

Workstream Goals

  • To develop, pilot and refine the PACC Mapping method (for use in person and virtually) to support primary care planning at the community level.
  • To develop PACC Mapping materials and training materials for use in communities
  • To scale PACC Mapping through the existing Community of Practice (using the team mapping facilitator training as a model)


  • Our Facilitator Toolkit is complete with links to all the materials you need for PACC Mapping, including a fully searchable persona library.
  • Our Miro Template for PACC Mapping includes map templates and the intro slide deck facilitators can use to orient participants to sessions.
  • New to PACC Mapping? Register to learn about upcoming training opportunities here!

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