COVID-19 Primary Care System Supports

Issue and Context

With the Pandemic, the ISU decided to look to where there may be specific adaptations and needs In the primary care community.

Through an initial learning cycle, we discovered many primary care provider needs. While adapting some of our existing tools and, in collaboration with BC-PHCRN and others, we developed some tools that can apply a risk prediction model to primary care practice populations to help aid clinic providers / teams in proactively supporting higher risk patients.

We also developed several other projects:

Immunization Primary and Community Care Mapping

Primary and Community Care (PACC) Mapping is well suited to help small and medium sized communities plan for different pandemic models. We are adapting PACC mapping to be virtual and have a version that is specific to COVID-19 planning at the community level.

With the help of our national collaborators, we created an online resource to help primary care offices across Canada find information about COVID-19 vaccines and plan immunization clinics in their offices. Visit to learn more.

Primary Care in a Pandemic Podcast

The ISU launched the Primary Care in a Pandemic Podcast where we look at the changes that are happening in primary care in British Columbia during the COVID-19 pandemic. We will talk about ways primary care clinics can and are adapting in this crisis. Each episode will tackle a different topic from how to stay connected with your team to how to approach advanced care planning with patients.  We try to keep things real and practical so they can be applied in practice.

Virtual Primary Care Nursing

In this project, we developed a set of suggestions for nurses adapting their practices to virtual primary care.